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ASDM Legal is the brainchild of a group of law enthusiasts coming together, driven by a motive to impart knowledge and unfold stories in a way no one else does. The organization is established with an objective to give people that one bit of insight that they have always strived for. What makes us different? Our experiences to overcome failures. We have been through this and we have known the driving factors and that is the reason why ASDM LEGAL strives to bridge the gap between all the opportunities and the students. It tries to encourage students from different walks of life to grow and excel mutually even if they are not from renowned universities.

LAWCKED is an ASDM Legal initiative created to offer a varied legal insight not just for the lawman but also the layman. The objective behind the initiative is to focus on cultivating an empowering environment that highlights the hard work of the bright minds. It is a launching pad for a community that is passionate about exchanging ideas, sharing opportunities, and learning together.

Our team is a collection of students, academicians and professionals with specialization in various fields. We visualize a world where anyone, anywhere can build skills by accessing the best learning experience - on their devices at the tip of their fingers.

We offer:

  • A wide range of certified online certificate courses accessible on finger tips with best learning experience.
  • Lawcked is an initiative of ASDM Legal created to offer a varied legal insight not just for the lawman but also the layman.
  • Alot many opportunities serving all the needs of students

Got an Idea or Wish to Collaborate

We want to reach out to as many students as possible. Help us unlock the LAWCKED world! You can pitch your ideas and collaboration proposals to [email protected]. Someone in our team, particularly assigned to that field, will get back to you pronto!

Correction policy

To err is after all human! Own up to any error quickly and completely.

While ASDM LEGAL continually strives for excellence and accuracy, we accept the fact that we will occasionally make errors. When these errors are made, ASDM LEGAL will take responsibility for correcting the error and will maintain a high level of transparency to be sure all parties are confident that the incorrect information does not spread.

The following are the steps each party needs to take to achieve the goals of accuracy, transparency and excellence:

If a reader spots an error, he or she should contact us, immediately by email. The subject of the corrections mail should be [CORRECTIONS - ARTICLE TITLE - DATE]. The body of the email should include the correct information and a source for where they found that information, if applicable. Please NOTE that a correction submission is a guarantee that the error will be investigated but not a guarantee that a correction will be issued.

Once ASDM LEGAL is made aware of an error, we will investigate the error using the information provided by the reader and any other sources of information available to us. If an error is found, the editor-in-chief will issue a correction in all forms that the information was incorrectly disseminated. Once the correction is made, the editor-in-chief will contact the reader who submitted the correction and inform them the steps that were taken to correct the error.

You can reach us at [email protected].


We offer talented and motivated people the opportunity to do great work and develop modern skills in a dynamic and growing organisation. If you’ve got a bit of heart in you and are willing to take on unveiling that bit of insight which demands you to dig deep, long and hard for the truth, then ASDM LEGAL is the appropriate place for you.

We’re looking for people who are passionate about blogs, social media, building strong relationships and networking. At ASDM LEGAL, we ask candidates simply to find – and share – their voices in the digital medium they’re best acquainted with. You might fit right in!

We have long list of positions to be filled by students. Presently, we have three open positions:

  • Editorial Interns
  • Content Writing Interns
  • Social Media Managers

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